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MATERIAL SOURCING LOCATION: The Brass comes from Barcelona; the Silver comes from London (it is Ecosilver); the Violet Topaz has been cut and polished by expert hands in Austria using precision cutting technology, and has perfectly saturated color enhancement; the 24K Gold electrolyte for gold plating the pieces, comes from Germany.

FABRICATION: This design is by Daixa Somed and it has been all handmade, from sketch tothe creation of the final piece, following the most traditional processes of jewelry in the ‘Daixa Somed - Studio’ in Barcelona, Spain.. Daixa Somed is an Eco Friendly label.

COMPOSITION: 24K Gold Plated Brass & Silver/Gemstone: Viole Topaz of 3mm.

CARE INFO: Please keep the jewellery in its original box if possible and flat when you’re not wearing it. We recommend to keep it in a dry place (example: not in the bathroom). To maintain your jewelery please avoid contact with humidity, water and chemichals (i.e perfume and creams). Please handle with care.

STORY: This beautiful necklace is inspired by the flowers Trientalis Borealis, also known as the flower of the stars. The colors of the metal, silver and precious stones, are selected and inspired by the wonderful colors of the paintings of Gustav Klimt, one of my favorites.

STYLING: This necklace will make you stand out of the crowd, you can wear it with anything it will just make your outfit even more incredible!

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