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PLACE OF PRODUCTION: Copenhagen, Denmark

MATERIAL SOURCING LOCATION: Fabric was donated from a friend and the 

embroideries are custom made from China.

FABRICATION: All pieces are made in her Studio in Copenhagen.

COMPOSITION: 100% Polyester

CARE INFO: Dry clean

STORY: All my designs are in some way or another inspired by asian aesthetics and i’m generally inspired by anything ”exotic”. I wanted to make this bag because I am seeing a lot of these very ”happy” bags with cute things on them like fruits and hearts, and i was so inspired to make my own. I have used these small sushi embroideries in my last collection and thought it would be super ”kawaii”. Also the most important thing that a purse needs to be able to hold, in my opinion, is a waterbottle but all bags large enough for that are usually not as fun as the small ones. stay hydrated!

STYLING: This is the perfect accessory to give your outfit a bit of fun!

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