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We believe in wearing differently.

We believe in possessing unique clothes and accessories to BE UNIQUE.

“It’s never been cooler to wear an unknown or emerging brand” - Lisa Aiken (Net-a-Porter) 

The way we make it happen is by sourcing great fashion designers all over the world.

And just for you, we curate a selection of unique capsule collections and one-off pieces.

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“I grew up in France and moved to London when I was still a teen. In such a trendy city, my passion for fashion grew rapidly and after studying fashion styling, art direction and advertising I decided to become a fashion stylist. I was absolutely in love with the pieces I was curating and borrowing from upcoming designers for fashion shootings every week and always wanted to buy everything. Although, it was impossible as they almost were one-off pieces and the designers’ first collections: their babies (and you don’t sell a baby). Against fast fashion, I quickly became bored of seeing people wearing the same clothes and accessories everyday. One night, (after probably taking a few hours to get ready) I ended up wearing the same dress another girl was wearing at a party… the moment was so awkward and I felt like a looser. That looser feeling became a strength and that’s how the concept behind IPSEITY came to light and was launched in 2018 in London!

I want IPSEITY to bring unique pieces to truly individual individuals.

Our small creative team now curates new upcoming fashion designers from everywhere in the world every four months. They create just for you a capsule collection: each design is only available in one size S, one M and one L, just to make sure not more than 2 other people will own the same piece as yours. If you really want to be the unique owner though, no worries our accessory designers (jewellery, bags and shoes) create one-off pieces. Everything is handmade using the best quality and even sometimes some recycling materials.

Wear unique while helping our upcoming designers to gain eminence in the fashion world”.

- Jane Marle, Founder

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Our Pop up Store 



Come visit us in our London pop up store between the 21st and 27th of February in Notting Hill.

199 Portobello Road, W11 1LU

Contact us for invitations to our launch party event! 

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Our Substance

There's too much of the same. 

Our mission is to give you a story to tell; that is longer than one word, when you're asked where you got your unique piece. We believe, to our core, that mass production never has a massive effect. If you're in favour of keeping up with fast fashion trends... IPSEITY is not for you. 

We think, all you need is less. 

That's why we curate unique collections of one-off pieces from an array of innovative, international designers. For you, we've come up with a way to experience the individuality that you'd like to see in yourself, and on yourself. It's this process that gives you a real story to tell. If you want personalisation that encapsulates modern womenswear, IPSEITY is for you.

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Our Conscience

We practice inclusive exclusivity. We foster, manifest and innovate collaboration by working together with carefully selected designers and thinkers, to curate a collection showcasing unique pieces, that are made only for you. 

At the center of our every endeavour, is consideration of the reaction. Where there is our conscience, there is our responsibility and that is, to bring to you the promise of striving for sustainability and delivering ingenuity. 

We'll only ever make one. One piece for one individual and that’s at the core of everything we do.

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Our Designers

For some designers, it becomes possible to fall into the machine that is fast fashion. 

IPSEITY is not for them. 

It's for designers that find that impossible because their crafts are hand-made. We've built a 'selectionist' community in every sense of the word; their materials, their fabrics, their aesthetics, so that their designs slow the pace enough to draw the eye's focus to what will become your key, one-of-a-kind, piece. 

We seek those that want to differentiate themselves, we support those who have an individual aesthetic and then we bring that, essence to you.

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Now, turn this around and read it line by line from the bottom up to discover our Manifesto.


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